We don't follow, we set the trend.  Malibu Shirts stands alone in both concept and quality.  We provide you with garments in a dynamic retail environment that both entertains and educates.  Vintage replicas and original designs are showcased side by side with one of the most comprehensive collections of historic surfing memorabilia in the world. 

Malibu Shirts is proud to be the safe-keeper of thousands of Polyneisan artifacts and unique surf memorabilia.  Some, the first of its kind, and others, the last. Scanning the globe, we’ve assembled an impressive collection that spans 3 centuries. And, it’s our philosophy that it not only be showcased for public viewing in our stores, but also available for purchase as an accurate, high-quality reproduction. 

We’ve spared no expense in searching the Earth for original, one-of-a-kind surf trophies, photos, boards, books, records, posters, programs, ads, film footage, magazines and vintage clothing such as competition tees and club sweatshirts. Included are items won, worn or owned by some, if not all, of the sports biggest names – Duke Kahanamoku, Tom Blake, Dale Velzy, Marge Calhoun, Les Williams, “Rabbit” Kekai, Fred Hemmings, Larry “Rubber Man” Bertlemann, Miki Dora, Tommy Zahn, Joyce Hoffman and many, many more. And, the collection not only continues to grows, but, revolves, so there’s always something new to see. Stop by a Malibu Shirts store, and step back into history.

Malibu Shirts is a must-see for anyone seeking a unique cultural experience on their visit to Hawai'i. Our garments use quality fabrics to give you maximum comfort, and the designs have been given the utmost attention to be authentic and true to the Hawaiian culture that inspired them. We hope that you will be as proud to wear this garment as we are to offer it.