Aoki's Metal Sign

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  • Dimensions: 12" X 18" Weighs: 2lbs.
  • Made with heavy gauge steel
  • Baked and Powder Coated Sublimation Printing for a durable & long-lasting finish

Shaved ice has been a Hawaiian tradition ever since the plantation days. Hot, exhausted workers would shave a block of ice with a hand saw and flavor it with juice, which is basically the same way it's done today! The Aoki family has been making shave ice since the 1930's when the Shimoda family sold the cool treat in the old Haliewa Theater. After the theatre closed, Sumie Shimoda Aoki and her son Michael Aoki, opened up Aoki's Shave Ice in 1981. Nestled in historic Haliewa town, Aoki's makes all their own syrup daily and offers delicious flavors of ice cream and smoothies as well.

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