Loves Bakery Ladies Zip

On June 19, 1851, Robert Love and his wife, both 35 and of Scottish descent, disembarked the Adirondack in Honolulu after an 80 day voyage from Australia. Less than a month later, the Loves received a retail store license from the Ministry of the Interior permitting them to operate a bakery. That first bakery was located on Nuuanu Street on O’ahu. From those humble beginnings, Love’s Bakery would grow to become the largest wholesaler of baked goods in Hawai’i, delivering the goods via planes and trucks emblazoned with the Love’s logo. Deck logs reveal that Love’s Biscuit and Bread Company, Ltd., as it was to be, even supplied bread to U.S. Naval ships moored at Pearl Harbor. Purchased in 1981 by First Baking Co., Ltd., Love’s Bakery continues to supply the freshest, highest quality baked goods on the Islands, including donuts, buns, pies, and bread like its Light Kona Rye and Lahaina 9-Grain.
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