Dale Velzy Surfboards Sticker

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  • Sheet size: 4" X 5.25"
  • Peel and stick
  • Water resistant
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Known as "The Hawk", Dale is a surfer, a celebrity, a hell-raising rebel, a revolutionary retailer, a hall of fame surfer, a surf film financier, a lifeguard, and most of all, a shaper. A master shaper in his own right, Joe Quigg said, "You couldn't even sell a board in the sixties unless it looked like a Velzy board." Dale opened Velzy Surfboards (the world's first surf shop) in Manhattan Beach in 1949, and within years had shops all along Southern California's coast, and in Hawaii. Dale was so influential that a stretch of Hawaii's famous North Shore - now known as Velzyland - was named in his honor. In his 50 plus years of building boards for the best surfers the sport has ever known, Dale designed dozens of surfboards, each revolutionizing surfing in its own way.

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