Laka String Doll Key Chain

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Laka's Power:

Laka will help you master the hula!

In Hawai'i, Laka is one of Pele's sisters and is the guardian to the woodlands in the story of Hi'iaka. She is said to be the deity of hula, fertility and the red lehua blossoms. Legend says that Laka first danced the hula in Kaana on Molokai and from there she traveled to each island teaching the dance with anyone who wanted to learn. This hand crafted Hula figure has been designed in the tradition of Hawaiian hula folk art dolls that date back to at least the early 1940's. This type of folk art doll became popular in Hawai'i in the 1940's as a souvenir for servicemen to send back home to their loved ones.
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