Hawaiian Icons Mug

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  • Microwave Safe
  • Colorfast wrap print artwork
  • Dish Washer Safe

Aloha goes beyond the typical ‘hello’ as it passes on the Aloha Spirit of love and welcoming to those receiving it. Originating during the 18th century, ‘Aloha’ became the most common way to greet someone while simultaneously showing respect and acceptance. The word ‘aloha’ literally translates to “the breath of life,” communicating the idea that aloha is giving and receiving positive energy. The Spirit of Aloha reaches extends beyond the spoken word. It can be seen in the respect and awareness Hawaiian’s have for nature, the importance of tradition and teaching, and the love that reaches beyond their family and friends to strangers new to the Hawaiian Islands. Spend a day in Hawaii and there is a guarantee that you will not only hear ‘Aloha’ but feel it in the warm embrace of Hawaii.

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