Hawaii's Hikes and Trails That We Recommend

Hawaii's Hikes and Trails That We Recommend


Hawaii offers a plethora of stunning beach trails, hiking paths, and waterfalls that are perfect for any nature enthusiast. Here are some of our teams recommendations which we love and think you might find interesting:

 Beach Hiking Trails
1. Makalawena Beach Hike (Big Island): This trail leads to one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches on the Big Island, offering pristine sands and clear waters.

2. Captain Cook Monument Trail to Kealakekua Bay (Big Island): This trail offers a historical journey ending at a bay known for snorkeling and rich marine life.

3. Pololu Valley Beach Hike (Big Island): Experience breathtaking views of the rugged coastline and lush valleys as you hike down to a remote black sand beach.

Oahu's Sunrise Hike
- Kaiwa Ridge Trail (Lanikai Pillbox Trail, Oahu): Perfect for catching a beautiful sunrise, this moderately difficult hike offers stunning views of Lanikai Beach, one of the most picturesque beaches in Hawaii.

Waterfall Trails
1. ʻAkaka Falls Loop Trail (Hawaii Island): This easy, half-mile paved trail leads you to a 442-foot waterfall, offering a glimpse into Hawaii Island's native vegetation and breathtaking views.

2. Manoa Falls Trail (Oahu): A laid-back stroll through the lush Manoa Valley, culminating in the spectacular Manoa Falls. It’s an excellent spot for a refreshing dip in a natural setting.

3. Waimea Falls (Oahu): Located within Waimea Valley, this accessible trail leads to a stunning waterfall where visitors can swim. It's a perfect combination of relaxation and scenic beauty.

For more detailed information, including trail maps and directions, you can visit the respective websites:

- For a comprehensive list of beach trails in Hawaii, visit AllTrails.
- To explore more about the best hikes on the Big Island, including beach hikes, you can check out Flashpacking America.
- For insights into the best sunrise hike on Oahu and other top hikes, visit Lonely Planet.
- To discover more about the ʻAkaka Falls Loop Trail and other beginner-friendly hikes on Hawaii Island, you can visit Hawaii Magazine.
- For information about trails leading to waterfalls on Oahu, including Manoa Falls and Waimea Falls, visit Hawaii Guide.

Overall each of these trails offers a unique perspective on Hawaii's natural beauty, allowing you to experience the islands' diverse landscapes, from serene beaches and lush valleys to majestic waterfalls. Remember to pack appropriately for these hikes, including water, snacks, sunscreen, and suitable footwear, and always respect the natural environment and cultural sites you visit. Happy hiking!

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