Honu String Doll Key Chain

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Size: ONE


Green Sea Turtles are the only indigenous reptile found in Hawaii, meaning that they arrived there with no outside influence from humans. It is one of seven species that has been alive for 110 million years, swimming with dinosaurs and surviving various earth shattering events that wiped out the dinosaurs and mammals. The Honu, or Green Sea Turtle, represents good luck and wisdom in the shape of Aumakua, a guardian spirit. It symbolizes navigators and the immortal connection between the land, the sea, and man. A Hawaiian legend speaks of a huge turtle that shapeshifts into a youthful Hawaiian girl, Kailua, that acts as a protector of Keiki (children) splashing along the shores of Punalu’u Beach.

Honu's Power:

Honu will have your back and protect you!