Maui Flamingos Throw Pillow Cover

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Seeing an exotic pink South American bird strutting around Hawaii is unexpected, though you may be lucky enough to see one if you travel to Maui. The Westin Maui Resort & Spa and the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa are home to a flock of beautiful pink flamingos that live among the swans and koi fish in the hotels’ numerous tropical ponds. The Westin is located in Ka’anapali and the Hyatt is located in Lahaina. Although Hawaii maintains strict import and export regulations in order to protect and preserve the natural life on their islands, they allow the Westin and Hyatt to house flamingos. Flamingos are a primary attraction not only for the hotel guests but other tourists eager to catch a glimpse of the elegant flamingos living in the pristine ponds. It is a unique experience for any Hawaii traveler to say they stepped off the beach and walked among ponds with flowing waterfalls in which flamingos bathe and live alongside swans and koi fish.


  • Size is 16" X 16" Pillows cases are hand crafted therefore there might be some slight variations 
  • Invisable zipper closure to easily slip pillow cover over any insert
  • Machine washable, Cold water, Tumble dry low
  • Filling not included