Scratchin' For Waves Pillow Case

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With an estimated 2 million feral cats wandering the Hawaiian Islands, you are bound to meet a furry friend during your time in Hawaii. The Big Island is home to about half the feral cats, while Maui houses about 500,000, Oahu 300,000, and Kaua’i 15,000. Cats first arrived to the Hawaiian Islands around 1840 when European colonists landed with cats aboard their ships being used as natural rodent-control. Upon arriving at the Hawaiian Islands, the cats’ population flourished as they had no natural predators to regulate their population. Just like you are likely to see some free-range chickens clucking around, you will see some feral kitties purring and prowling the beaches of Hawaii.


  • Size is 16" X 16" Pillows cases are hand crafted therefore there might be some slight variations 
  • Invisable zipper closure to easily slip pillow cover over any insert
  • Machine washable, Cold water, Tumble dry low
  • Filling not included