Lions Drag Strip: Roaring Through Drag Racing History

Lions Drag Strip: Roaring Through Drag Racing History

In the heart of Long Beach, California, there once existed a hallowed stretch of asphalt that echoed with the thunderous roars of drag racing engines. Lions Drag Strip, operated by the Long Beach Lions Club, emerged as a pioneering force in the world of drag racing during the mid-20th century. Join us as we peel back the layers of history to uncover the story of this iconic racing facility.

Inception and Rapid Rise

Lions Drag Strip burst onto the scene in 1955, making an immediate impact on the world of drag racing. Its allure lay not only in the thrill of the races but also in the cutting-edge track design and top-notch facilities. Drag racing enthusiasts from far and wide flocked to Long Beach to witness the spectacle.

The Golden Era of Drag Racing

During the 1960s, Lions Drag Strip firmly established itself as a premier venue for professional drag racing. The track played host to a plethora of national and international events that showcased the skills of top-tier drag racers. It was also a magnet for car aficionados, providing a platform for them to test their mettle and their machines on the strip.

Legacy and Closure

However, like many great racing facilities, Lions Drag Strip eventually faced its sunset. In 1972, the track closed its doors, succumbing to the pressures of soaring real estate values in the area and the mounting maintenance costs. Yet, its impact on the world of drag racing endured.

Remembering Lions Drag Strip

Though its existence was relatively brief, Lions Drag Strip etched an indelible mark on the annals of drag racing. The memories of roaring engines, record-breaking runs, and passionate crowds continue to reverberate among enthusiasts and racers. Lions Drag Strip remains a symbol of innovation, excitement, and the raw power of drag racing during its golden era.

Lions Drag Strip was more than just a racing facility; it was a crucible of speed and a temple of adrenaline. Its legacy lives on in the hearts of those who witnessed its races and the racers who once burned rubber on its legendary strip. While the physical track may be gone, the spirit of Lions Drag Strip still roars through the pages of drag racing history.



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