Marlin License Plate Metal Sign

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  • Dimensions: 26" X 23" Weighs: 2lbs.
  • Made with heavy gauge steel, close cut outline
  • Baked and Powder Coated Sublimation Printing for a durable & long-lasting finish

From 1915 to 1921, Hawaiian counties issued license plates yearly until 1922, in which a multitude of counties in the Territory of Hawaii unified to discuss the distribution of license plates. Throughout their history, Hawaiian license plates have gone through a variety of alterations and materials, ranging from wood to porcelain to steel-embossed with swordfish, automobile, and surfer-shaped expiration tags. Hawaiian license plates manufactured in 1976 were the first to display print on retro-reflective foil. The first graphic to be featured on Hawaiian license plates was the territory’s name, stamped on the license plate in a South Pacific font. After Hawaii became an official state in 1959, the slogan became “Aloha State.” The tv-show Hawaii Five-O popularized Hawaiian license plates beginning in 1968 and, continued the trend through 1988 with the tv-show Magnum P.I. displaying the Aloha State warrior license plate on a red Ferrari 308 GTS featuring the number ROBIN 1. Although vintage Hawaiian license plates have reached high demand in recent years, they are difficult to procure as steel license plates have been destroyed by the salt from the ocean.

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