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leads the way in comfort, quality, concept, and creativity. We provide customers with premium clothing that educates and enthralls. Vintage replicas and original designs are showcased side by side in one of the most comprehensive collections of historic surfing memorabilia in the world. The Malibu Shirts line conveys our desire to love and protect the ocean in its purest form. We stand for authenticity, quality and a revival of vintage designs blended with contemporary casual fashion elements to provide every customer with an opportunity to connect with an icon that has come to symbolize the island essence and beach lifestyle that enhance so many lives. Malibu Shirts is a proud leader within the retail industry, outstanding in both concept and quality, composition and creation.

Malibu Shirts is proud to be home to an impressive collection of thousands of vintage artifacts and unique surf memorabilia spanning more than three centuries. Our designs commemorate legendary events and parts of our world’s fascinating and ever-changing history. From the riveting roar of a drag strip race to flying in one of America’s acclaimed airlines, our designs bring history to life. Lion’s Drag Strip, Pan Am and Endless Summer are just a few of the renowned designs we offer.

Surf Boards by Dale Velzy

In addition to our numerous aeronautical and automotive lines, Malibu Shirts' surf and skate collections feature legendary designs from California's and Hawaii’s famed and diverse love affair with riding the board, in water or on land. Our designs honor the unique history of surfing, skating, flying and driving. Our skateboard line features ACME and Nash, who revolutionized the skateboarding industry in terms of board quality and design, extending skateboarding beyond the pros to the general public.

Malibu Shirts' officially trademarked designs are showcased on our incredibly soft 100% cotton, garment dyed tees and sweatshirts for a truly vintage look. Printing is done with environmentally friendly water based inks to make our shirts the ultimate in style, comfort and sustainability. As we greatly value the history and stories behind our designs, our merchandise comes with a history hangtag providing information on the cultural and historical significance of the artwork.

Malibu Shirts immerses visitors in an interactive museum-like environment providing the opportunity to leave with a piece of history to honor and commemorate. Catering to many interests, from world famous drag strips and the biggest names in surfing to Hawaii’s vibrant culture and our world oceans' beautiful marine life, Malibu Shirts' products are anchored in a collection of exclusive licenses and vintage replicas and are produced to the highest quality standards. The service in store is professional and filled with information about the history surrounding each design where the aloha spirit prevails. Stop by a Malibu Shirts store, step back into history and then carry it forward with you.

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